Solar Nails & SNS

Solar Nails & SNS

Solar Nails

Full Set with Pink & White$40
Full Set with Regular Color$28
Full Set With Gel Color$35
Full Set with White Tips$30
Pink Fill Only$20
Pink & White Fill$35
Fill with Gel Color$30
Additional Change for Nails Shapes$5

Signature Nails System (SNS)

Pink & White Tip$45
New Set with Color$38
Pink Fill Only$30
New Set with Color$41

Other Services

Gel/ Solar/ SNS Take Off$6/$10/$10
Gel/Solar/ SNS Repair (each)$5
Polish Change (Hand/ Feet)$8/$10
French Color Change (Hand/ Feet)$13/ $15
Kids Mani & Pedi (under)$30

Great Nails

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Sun: 12:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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